Journal ID : CJOHNS-19-05-2023-11367
[This article belongs to Volume - 58, Issue - 03]

Title : An Evaluation of pain experienced by patients treated with Esthetic En-masse Retraction Techniques

Abstract :

To investigate and compare pain experienced by patients treated by two types of esthetic En-masse retraction techniques (Lingual Double J Retractor versus labial esthetic retraction appliance). Thirty patients with Class II division 1 malocclusion were divided into two groups. 15 patients in group A (13 females and 2 males, mean age 20.45 years) were treated with Double J Retractor appliances, whereas 15 patients in group B (11 females and 4 males, mean age 21.43 years) were treated with labial esthetic retraction appliances (clear lever arms with lingual splint). All patients were asked to rate their pain experienced at different sites (teeth, mini-screw location, lip, cheeks, and tongue) on a 4-point Likert scale at four time points: 24 hours following appliance placement (T1), one week later (T2), one month later (T3), and three months later (T4). Friedman two-way analysis of variance was used to assess the physical pain over the study and the differences in the level of pain between two groups were tested using Mann-Whitney U test. The result of this study indicated that no significant difference in pain feeling at teeth and mini screw areas over the study period between those treated by lingual retraction (DJR) compared with those treated by labial Invisible appliances (LIA) (P > 0.05). This pain reduced over the study period in both groups. However, the pain differed in its location according to the type of appliance. Patients treated by double J retractor reported more pain in tongue, whereas patients treated by labial clear lever arms with metal splint experienced more pain in the lips and cheeks areas. Patients in both groups consumed analgesics more frequently during the early phase of treatment.

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