Journal ID : CJOHNS-16-06-2023-11374
[This article belongs to Volume - 58, Issue - 04]

Title : Clinical and histological evaluation of application ozonated oil in socket after extraction third molar surgery

Abstract :

Surgical extraction of impacted mandibular is always associated with uncomforted symptoms such as pain, facial edema and limitation of in mouth opening ability. This study was conducted to evaluated effectives of topical application of ozonated oil in reducing complication after third molar surgery and improving healing. A total of 60 patients age (18-30) who had referred for surgical extraction of their impacted teeth at the oral and maxillofacial surgery department of dentistry at the university of Damascus. Inclusion criteria is an asymptomatic bilateral third molar surgery impaction. The study was designed according to split – mouth technique in which the patient plays as his own control. After extraction, group 1 was managed by without application ozonated oil in the socket after extraction (case), after two weeks Group 2 has done and received ozonated oil after extraction (control). The patients were following up and measurements were taken at postoperative days 1, 3,7. pain was evaluated using a visual analog scale. whereas swelling was evaluated using 3 distances, from Targus to both pogonion and commissure of the lips and from angle mandible to lateral canthus. Biopsy was being done in seventh day after surgery. Dry socket osteitis was record in third day after extraction. Descriptive and comparative statistical analysis were performed using Spss. In this study, the pain level in ozone group was lower than control group through all measurement’s intervals. The edema in ozone group was lower than control group after (24h,72h) from surgery. A statistically significant difference was found in dry socket between two groups with miming the dry socket in study group postoperative surgery. A histological examination for biopsy taken from socket after extraction show reducing inflammation and increasing in blood vessels. The application of topical ozonated oil in the socket after surgical extraction has reduce complication, improve the general condition of patient and accelerate healing.

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