Journal ID : CJOHNS-20-01-2024-11425
[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 01]

Title : Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Nickel-Titanium Closed Coil Spring on Stimulation the Growth of Mandibular by Using Indirect Anchorage

Abstract :

  The aim of this clinical study was to detect dental, skeletal and soft tissue changes associated with use of indirect mini-implants anchorage with CS4 springs for stimulation of the growth of mandibular The sample size was 16 patient (11 males,5 females) aged (12.33+-0.75years) with skeletal class II malocclusion due to mandibular retrusion. 2 mini-implants were fixed bilaterally in mandibular oblique ridge, and used CS4 spring to correcting class II. skeletal and dental changes were evaluated using before and after active treatment lateral cephaloetric radiographs. The resulting data were statistically analyzed used spss. Analyzed were done using paired samples T test to compare the changes in all variables between T1andT2. Class I molar relationship and over jet correction were achieved in the sample. Mandibular growth was statistically significant, and Mandibular incisor proclination by (2.4°) maxillary incisor retroclination by (6.87°) and distalization of maxillary molars were non significant, but it was their mesial movements to lower molars were significantly (2.8mm). The CS4 spring was successful in treatment of class II though dentoalveolar and souft tissues changes and significant skeletal changes. The mini-implants with CS4 decreased the mandibular dentoalveolar side effects.

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