Journal ID : CJOHNS-06-07-2022-11289
[This article belongs to Volume - 57, Issue - 06]

Title : Research progress of extracellular vesicles in chronic rhinosinusitis and allergic rhinitis

Abstract :

Extracellular vesicles are nano-scale vesicles with membrane structures that almost all cells can secrete out, and play an important role in intercellular signal communication. Extracellular vesicles include exosomes, microvesicles and apoptotic bodies, which can transport biologically active substances such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids to target cells, and participate in the maintenance of the body's physiological state and the occurrence and development of various diseases. This review mainly introduces the research progress of extracellular vesicles in chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, in order to provide new ideas for the study of the pathogenesis and potential therapeutic targets of these two diseases

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