Journal ID : CJOHNS-06-04-2023-11358
[This article belongs to Volume - 58, Issue - 02]

Title : Updates on Early Mobilization in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Abstract :

Recent studies have shown that early mobilization after a critical illness can positively affect the patient's overall function and recovery. However, when it comes to traumatic brain injury (TBI), especially in severe cases, further research is necessary to understand early mobilization's effects fully. This review aims to provide an update on the current research and understanding of early mobilization in severe TBI cases. Article searches were carried out systematically on several databases including Scopus, Google Scholar, and Ebsco with the keywords "severe TBI AND (early mobilization or rehabilitation)." The selected articles were then evaluated based on their compliance with the eligibility criteria. Although the evidence is still limited, it is believed that early mobilization is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process for individuals who have experienced a severe TBI. However, more extensive research needs to be done to accurately assess the potential benefits and risks associated with this intervention.

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