Journal ID : CJOHNS-23-08-2023-11384
[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 06]

Title : Comparison of Trends of Musculoskeletal Trauma Cases in Saiful Anwar General Hospital, Malang, Indonesia, Before and During the Coronavirus Disease-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Abstract :

Even for emergency cases, hospital visits have decreased in some nations. The 2019 Coronavirus Disease pandemic has tremendously impacted the healthcare sector. We assess how trauma encounters have altered during the COVID-19 epidemic by comparing data before and during the outbreak. This retrospective cohort, single-centre, observational study was conducted after the initial epidemic of Covid-19 infection in Indonesia. To determine the potential impact of the COVID-19 outbreak through Musculoskeletal Trauma Cases at Saiful Anwar Malang General Hospital from April 2019 to March using medical records conducted from July to September 2022. There were 1364 patients before the outbreak and 1063 patients during the first outbreak. A significant amount decrease in musculoskeletal trauma patients, about 22,07% (p: 0,005). Mechanism of injury still dominated by motor vehicle accidents (742(54.39%) vs. 538(50.61%), p<0,00001). The decline in musculoskeletal cases was equally distributed between the demographic data, mechanism, type, and severity of the injury unless the non-accidental penetrating/sharp injury showed a trend of increasing percentage. After the emergence of the first COVID-19 outbreak in Malang and the initiation of public interventions such as social distancing and large-scale social restriction, the number of musculoskeletal trauma admissions to the emergency department decreased significantly. The reduction in patients affected not just patients with minor injuries but also the number of emergency department hospital admissions, consistent with data from other nations.

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