Journal ID : CJOHNS-18-03-2024-11431
[This article belongs to Volume - 55, Issue - 03]

Title : Histological changes of pancreas followed by administration of extract of Fagonia cretica Linn in beta cells of alloxan induced diabetic rats

Abstract :

To investigate histopathological changes of Fagonia Cretica Linn extract in alloxan induced diabetic rats. In present study thirty-two rats of weight 200 – 250 g were used. They were randomly divided into four groups, group I, II, III, and IV. Group I was served as normal control (only normal saline was given), in group II, III and IV diabetes were induced by given ip injection of alloxan (150mg/kg body weight) group II was served as negative control in which normal saline was given, group III was positive control in which glibenclamide (5mg/kg ip) was given and group IV was served as test group in which extract of Fagonia cretica (250mg/kg ip) was given. Treated daily with extract of Fagonia cretica (250mg/kg) and glibenclamide (5mg/kg) showed protective effect on histology of pancreas in alloxan induced diabetic rats. Extract of Fagonia cretica have preventive effect to inhibit histopathological changes of pancreas in alloxan induced rats.

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