Journal ID : CJOHNS-23-08-2023-11383
[This article belongs to Volume - 54, Issue - 06]

Title : Hospital Protocol in the Management of Orthopaedic Cases Related to COVID-19 in Greater Malang: An Observational Study

Abstract :

COVID-19 cases have spread in Indonesia. East Java becomes the second highest province, while Malang Raya is the 3rd with 94 confirmed cases. One of the medical fields that are directly affected is orthopaedics & traumatology. This study aims to evaluate the availability of regulations, facilities, and infrastructure related to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. An observational study to 40 orthopaedic doctors by collecting primary data using an online survey consisting of 85 questions divided into eight sections. Half participants work in level B hospitals and three-quarters of them being referral hospitals for COVID-19 cases. Of all participants, 82.5% reported using level 2 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for patient examination in the outpatient clinic, 90% in Emergency Department, 97.5% in Patient Transfer, 90% in the Inpatient Room, and 85% in ICU. Level 3 PPE for an aerosol-induced procedure used only in Emergency Department (90%), Operating Room (87.5%), Inpatient Room (87.5%) and in the ICU (90%). Nevertheless, 55% of participants still reported the unavailability of the COVID-19-specified prevention procedural in Emergency Department, 62.5% in Transfer Patient, 62.5% reported no specific operating room for COVID-19 patients. From all participants, 87.5% reported that there had been a moratorium for semi-urgent and elective cases and 55% in forming a special team to discuss and decide the management for semi-urgent and elective cases. Many hospitals still did not follow the principles in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and managing the COVID-19 patients formed by the guideline in greater Malang.

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