Journal ID : CJOHNS-18-05-2023-11366
[This article belongs to Volume - 58, Issue - 03]

Title : Imaging spectrum of extrapulmonary presentation in patients with SAARS COVID-19 disease

Abstract :

The cause of the coronavirus pandemic is the severe acute respiratory syndrome COVID-2 (SARS-CoV2). Although the pulmonary system is the primary organ affected by this illness, various other systems involved could be affected by thrombo-inflammation, immune system dysfunction, or direct viruses’ cytopathic consequences. In the present research, we discussed the range of extrapulmonary image results seen in coronavirus 19 patients. This study covered all cross-sectional imaging tests (except lung imaging tests) conducted on individuals whose COVID-19 infection had been confirmed through RT-PCR testing. These imaging investigations' extrapulmonary findings were catalogued and organized systematically. Patients who tested positive for COVID19 infection using RT-PCR had 96 non-lung imaging examinations. A total of 30 of these investigations had extrapulmonary imaging results. 13 individuals had vascular involvement, 12 had central nervous system involvement, 3 had abdominal involvement, and 2 had cardiac involvement. Venous and arterial thrombosis were examples of vascular presentations. Stroke, encephalitis, and demyelination were examples of neurological symptoms. Among the abdominal symptoms were enteritis and severe renal damage. Myocarditis was the cardiac manifestation. Although unusual, extrapulmonary imaging abnormalities in coronavirus-19 are rare. Most of the extrapulmonary imaging abnormalities in COVID-19 are caused by multisystem thrombotic symptoms that include the involvement of the central nervous system.

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